Investing in a system that allows you to make lending quickly and accurately will make you stand out from the competition. ERA offers a highly flexible Loan Processing and Approval System for Corporate, Retail & SME loan products. Beginning with capturing of credit requests, documents archiving, field investigation, financial analysis, CRG calculation and route them through a user defined workflow, OCAS gives users the control, flexibility and dynamic workflow necessary to faster loan processing.

  • Role based Workflow: Reduce loan processing time & costs by routing applications through a role-based automated workflow.
  • Document Management: Capture and preserve required documents through archiving.
  • Automation of Credit Risk Assessment and Credit Decisions: By capturing all financial data, OCAS can automate the calculation of CRG and Financial Analysis.
  • Improve risk control: There is no risk of errors in the lending process, as the system ensures data accuracy and consistency.
  • Standardized & Centralized: Automation of loan origination gives the HQ of the organization the flexibility to access the exact same data of any geo location.
  • Modular & Comprehensive: Integration with other system makes it a comprehensive and modular system which will help the automation of entire process.
  • Customizable & Flexible: Highly scalable, customizable and flexible in nature.
  • Retail, Corporate & SME Lending: Supports all type of credit segments from Retail, SME and Corporate Loans.

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