E-Tendering System is a web-based, collaborative system to facilitate the full lifecycle of a tendering process, for both buyers and suppliers. It offers a secure, interactive, dynamic environment for Procurements of any nature, complexity or value (above or below EU thresholds), enforcing encouraging recognized best practices.

E-Tendering System supports the process of procuring works, services and supplies electronically. All public procurement procedures foreseen by the law are supported for both one-off or repetitive purchases through several dedicated sub-modules providing facilities for user registration, competition notification, tender preparation and submission, online tender evaluation, upholding of auctions, contract awarding, contract management, creation and management of catalogues, placement of electronic order and much more.

It can support the effort for achieving efficiency gains, while promotes core principles of the laws and regulations on public procurement such as transparency, security, availability, non-discrimination and equality of treatment.


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